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A study designed to create a standardised Gait and lower limb standardised proforma based on leiterature and consensus. Excellent tool and guidelines for Podiatrists looking to continue to improve thier assement of and ultimately thier treatment outcomes.

Some very useful techniques for the use of Kinesiotaping to further improve your treatment outcomes in conjunction with Paromed orthotics. Measure the outcomes and change in plantar pressure distribution using paroTec inshoe pressure measurment before and after orthotic and manual therapies treatments.

Following on from our previous post, this article on Managing Patellofemoral Pain by Dr Christian Barton and Dr Kay Crossley outlines the successful treatment interventions including orthotic therapy. Paromed podiatrists are trainined by Dr Barton in Gait Retraining and Run coaching.

Are foot orthoses effective in the sport term for patellofemoral pain syndrome? Where is the research heading regarding foot orthoses and patellofemoral pain syndrome? Irrespective of the foot-type, comfort and compliance foot orthoses are effective in the short term.