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The foot fitting revolution

As the consistent further development of the paromed software, paro360 is prepared for future requirements in the field of orthopaedic foot fittings. This revolutionary system sets itself apart with effectiveness, functionality and fitness for the future. Your working methods and hardware stay the same, but you are ready for the future and new technologies.

Customer data capture and a consistent overview of orders

With customer data capture using a tablet with a wireless LAN connection to the PC, you lay the foundation for seamless order management from recording to completion of the insole. A new full text search by customer name or order status allows you to make the foot fitting process more efficient. Structured processes and the continuous order overview make a major contribution to maintaining quality standards in your company. Even with an increased order volume.

Automatic transfer of existing customer and fitting data

Now the integrated, automatic reconciliation between the branches and head office ensures the daily transfer of updated data. Pressure measurement profiles, movement analyses, 2D and 3D data, old and new fitting data are collected centrally and per customer with paro360. The customer data can be sorted, administered and archived according to your own criteria. This is data management at the highest level.

Modelling in a new dimension

Why we speak of a revolution is most clearly demonstrated by modelling. Here are just a few of the new functions:

  • 3D printing of insoles, also with existing datasets.
  • Processing both feet at the same time. Transfer of elements left/right using the “drag & drop” function with automatic mirroring (reflection).
  • Continuous crosswise and lengthwise section display.
  • “Undo” button with 1-step back function.
  • Straightforward editing, grouping and renaming of individual elements.
  • “Plucking” the interface for even better element transitions.
  • Optimised measuring function with comparative view.
Use the full potential in milling

We have optimised processing standards in ways that were inconceivable before. Thanks to a newly defined milling algorithm, the surface quality is improved and post-processing time is vastly reduced. In the process of both-side milling, extraordinary possibilities are revealed by converging the upper and lower sides – especially in the areas of the heel and the arch of the foot.

Ready for the future with 3D printing

Making new technologies accessible in the field of foot fittings was a major objective for us. You use your software the way you are accustomed, having arrived in the future. Flexible or hard, but always for the benefit of the customer, you can fully integrate rapid prototyping in your work flow. The “printed” result is delivered by paromed as a service. Discover the new fitting possibilities.